Save-Buckeye-Lake is an organization dedicated to protecting the residents in the Buckeye Lake region from unnecessary flooding and from wasteful government spending of taxpayer dollars on an unnecessary dam project.

Save-Buckeye-Lake's primary arguement is that the installation of the Sellers Point spillway in 1992 increased the risk of flooding in the area.  The State has admitted this, but has yet to correct the problems associated with that installation.  Now the State has indicated it is going to spend 100+ million dollars on a new dam that, by its own engineer's documents, is perfectly safe, and not correct the flooding problems caused by the spillway in the first place.  In an exercise of financial responsbility, we would like to see the dam money spent on the flooding problem, not an unnecesary dam.

Save-Buckeye-Lake's primary goal is to establish a dialogue with the State, either, directly with the ODNR, or, through the Citizens Advisory Group, established by the ODNR in the FMSM study of flooding in the Sellers Point area, so that local residents and businesses in the Buckeye Lake area can play a role in their own future safety.

In the pages of this site you can find current & historical information related to the dam project.  If you have questions about any of this information, or, you have information of interest to SBL, please go the "contact us" tab and send us an email with your information or questions. 

Under the "Media" tab you will news information and press releases concerning the dam project and flooding issues caused by the installation of the Sellers Point spillway.

Under the "Documents" tab you will find pertinent position statements, manifestos, and engineering documents related to the dam project. 

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State Announces Plan to Replace Dam at Buckeye Lake

BREAKING NEWS! Save-Buckeye-Lake received this email from the communications Director of the ODNR, Mr. Matt Eiselstein, concerning plans to REPLACE THE ENTIRE DAM at Buckeye Lake, Ohio!  This is despite the fact that the Sate's Engineers claim, "The dam is stable."


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